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A reminder to not enter the building via the scaffolding. By doing this, you are putting yourself and your neighbours at risk. Please be aware that if the scaffolding alarms are triggered, the police will be alerted of activity on the scaffolding.

Works continue to progress well. Hill will begin removing scaffolding from September 2023, with the expected completion date around mid-December.

Hill have highlighted a non-compliance issue relating to the height of the steel balustrading to private balcony areas on the first to fifth floors of the building. The most appropriate way to resolve this non-compliance is to install a second handrail on top of the existing balustrade to increase the height of the top of the balustrade to achieve compliance. Please find the 'Balcony Care Guidance' document below.  If you would like more information on this, please speak with Hill. However, we can confirm that this will not delay works, and it won’t involve additional costs to residents.

Expected completion of the project is December 2023. Once the project is complete, you will receive a new EWS1 certificate.

Balcony care guidance

EWS1 Pack

An EWS1 form rates the external wall system of a building based on risk and combustibility. Find yours below. 

Claremont Court EWS1


FRAs ensure our buildings are safe & identify any works that may be required. Find yours below.

FRA media browser

The fire action advice for Claremont is to evacuate

For further information on this, visit our fire safety page. 

Fire safety advice 

Project phases

Remediation costs for Claremont Court will not be at the expense of our leaseholders. We welcome government’s Building Safety Bill that recognises that developers should be responsible for covering these costs.

To give you an idea on timescales and what to expect with building safety work, we have created this project phase template. This provides a general overview of what to expect when your building is undergoing building safety works. 

Claremont is in phase 3. 

Phase 1


Assessment & findings

Timeline (approximately)

Six months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • A reminder to let you know when we are doing your survey
  • A letter shared with you with the findings
  • You’ll have access to any certificates or reports
  • You can ask us questions at any time

Risk mitigation

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment available to residents on our website, with actions followed up in timely manner
  • Monthly health & safety inspections
  • Where required, installation of heat sensor alarm

Phase 2


Programme confirmation

Timeline (approximately)

Three months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • Confirmation letters issued to lenders as required
  • Expected successful remediation outcome, based on current government guidelines (B1)
  • Depending on impact, you may be offered a resident meeting

Risk mitigation

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment available to residents on our website, with actions followed up in timely manner
  • Monthly health & safety inspections
  • Where required, installation of heat sensor alarm

Phase 3


Remedial works begin on site


3-14 months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • Depending on scale of work, we will share monthly or quarterly email updates with you
  • Single point of contact to raise issues (your Neighbourhood Officer)


Risk mitigation

Security measures taken place while on site e.g., CCTV on scaffolding/ secure hoarding

Phase 4


Certification received


  • Summary of project provided on dedicated web page
  • EWS1 B1 certificate issued and stored on our website

Risk mitigation

New FRA / EWS1 issued

Project: what we've done

The cladding contractor began works on 14 February.

Our remediation plans include removing combustible insulation that's not encapsulated by masonry on the ground floor and removing plywood (and using an alternative product/solution when recladding occurs). Defective fire barriers will be replaced or fixed in the appropriate position with the correct fixings, and timber cladding will be replaced with cementitious plank material. Other works include the removal of balcony cladding, balcony soffits, glazing the top floor panels, and the balcony’s gulley and rainwater system.

With regards to site set up and scaffolding, the building will be covered by debris netting, security and CCTV systems will be in place along with site supervision and controlled access points to maintain security.

We have:

  • Fire alarms -  alarms have been installed by Hills and have gone live and are fully commissioned. The waking watch was removed on 7 March 2022
  • Fire compartmentalisation - works started in March 2022 and were completed in April 2022. The works were carried out by Hills and were signed off by our fire engineer
  • Recladding - we've appointed specialists to provide support in negotiations that continue with Hills as original developers to find an agreed resolution to the safety issue with the cladding.


Overview slideshow

London Fire Bridgate visit, 19 February

On 19 February, the London Fire Bridgade visited to review the new access points & fire hydrant locations following the commencement of recladding works. They were happy with the visit and all new information has been updated on their database. 

General updates/requests

We'd like to remind residents that all balconies should be kept clear, otherwise this will impact cladding works. 

Any resident that has not had their internal condition survey needs to contact Hill's site manager, Adrian Cocosila to book an appointment. He can be contacted via email at or via mobile on 07850 504639.

Please let us know any updated landlord/letting agent or private tenant as a point of contact throughout this project for regular updates and access requests if or when needed by Hills. 

The programme of works has been marginally extended by about three weeks, with expected completion in December 2023. The delay reflects additional work required to balconies and weather proofing. This change means that the date the scaffolding will be removed is changing dependent on progress with stripping the existing cladding off and water proofing. We've added the revised programme of dates within the Key Dates section on this page. 


Hills have been reviewing all the issues raised around leaks at Claremont Court. While there have been previous external water penetration issues at the building, these appear to be mostly related to balcony drainage and cladding detailing. This is supported by the findings in the Michael Dyson report carried out at the end of last year. Hills are incorporating the findings from the report into the new designs for the recladding works, which should resolve these previous issues. 

Regarding the damp / water leaks showing in the internal areas (like communal corridors), Hills are supporting THCH in carrying out detailed investigations in these affected areas to establish the cause(s) of the water damage which appear to reflect on going issues with individual flat showers and shower trays. We hope to soon be able to identify the origins of all of these problems and will look to resolve these matters with the assistance of leaseholders and residents.

From end of July to early August 2023, there are works taking place in communal areas to investigate the plumbing leaks – we hope this work doesn’t cause too much inconvenience to your daily routines. Thank you for your understanding. 

Mansford Street Elevation

Regarding, Mansford Street Elevation, the drilling structure to install carrier brackets and cutting and fitting of steel liner tray is to be complete by early August. The cutting and fitting balcony decking boards, soffit and inset balcony cladding to be complete by end of September. Regarding Copperfield Mews / Courtyard Elevation, the drilling structure to install carrier brackets and cutting and fitting of steel liner tray is to be complete by end of September. Cutting and fitting balcony decking boards, soffit and inset balcony cladding to be complete by early November.


Other information

Urang Group: your new managing agent

To help improve services, in April 2023, we announced that Urang Group would be the new managing agent for Claremont Court and Copperfield Mews.

While we go through the handover phase, we wanted to help make it clear who is responsible for which services, and who you can contact if you have a query over a particular matter.  

We will continue to manage some areas while Urang Group will take over management of most day-to-day services. Please note, current year accounts (23/24) will be produced Urang. 

Contact THCH

Contact Urang Group


Services THCH will continue to manage

THCH services Further information
Cladding works The building safety works will stay with Hills and THCH until completion.
2022/23 service charge actuals These will be available by 30 September. Individual service charge queries remain with us.  
Buildings insurance Building insurance forms part of the wider THCH insurance policy. If the Urang contract goes beyond March 2024, then they will take over this area.  
New claims against building insurance should be submitted to Urang in the instance. 
Communal electricity billing (until March 2024) Communal electricity billing forms part of the wider THCH utility contract. If the Urang contract goes beyond March 2024, then they will take over this area. 
Cold water storage Monthly servicing will continue to be carried out by us. 
Fire risk assessments & fire door inspections We will continue to carry out the annual Fire Risk Assessment and regular fire door inspections. 
Fire safety equipment (automatic opening vent, emergency lighting, fire alarms, lightning, solar, risers) We will continue to carry out regular testing of fire equipment. 
Lift maintenance Regular serving and maintenance will continue by us. 
Lift insurance We’ll continue to ensure compliance with servicing and maintenance of the lift. 
Communal heating maintenance Servicing and repairs of communal boiler. 
Personal heating We will continue to manage the gas supply and personal heating costs will be shared with Urang, who will then charge residents. 


Services Urang Group will manage


Services Urang Group will manage Date of transfer
Bulk rubbish 1 June 2023 (when required)
Meter readings 1 June 2023 (Urang will carry out the meter readings - readings will continue to be published on THCH website)
Caretaking, cleaning, and any refuse issues 1 June 2023
Communal repairs (including CCTV, TV aerial/satellite, sewers and drains) 1 June 2023 (new reports go to Urang)
Entryphone maintenance 1 June 2023 (new reports go to Urang)
Grounds maintenance 1 June 2023
Pest control 1 June 2023 (if required)
Window cleaning 1 June 2023
Ground rent, service charge payments and recovery 1 June 2023
Parking management 1 June 2023
Complaints 1 June 2023
Repairs 1 June 2023


Leaseholder responsibilities

As a leaseholder, there are responsibilities you have to help keep your home safe and in good condition. You can find more information about these responsibilities on our website, alternatively, you can get in touch with Urang Group who will be happy to help.  

Key dates

  • Start of works: 16 January 2023
  • Duration: 46 calendar weeks
  • Expected completion of works: 27 November 2023
  • Claredale Street Elevation: 22 May 2023
  • Mansford: 14 August 2023
  • Copperfield: 11 September 2023
  • Sheldon: 2 October 2023
  • Resident access switchover: late 2023

As of June 2023, the programme of works has been delayed by around three weeks. The revised dates are available in the below document. 

Claremont Court revised dates

Residents choice of material colours

June 2023 update:

In January 2023, Claremont Court residents voted on the colour selection for materials to be used in the works. Iron Grey was the majority vote for balcony cladding, soffits and inset walls, and Quartz Grey was the majority vote for balcony and terrace decking. Unfortunately, we have been advised that the Iron Grey colour is no longer available. The closest available colour to Iron Grey is Anthracite Grey, this is similar to Iron Grey but just slightly lighter. As the colours are similar, we have decided to opt for the Anthracite Grey as to not delay the project. We will display a sample of the new colour in the foyer for residents to view. We hope that all residents will be happy with this choice, but if you’d like to share any concerns or feedback on this, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your project manager at

January 2023 update:

Throughout January 2023, we welcomed Claremont residents’ input into the selection of the colours of certain materials to be incorporated into the works. The deadline to submit these choices was 27 January. We have reviewed these results, and can confirm that Iron Grey was the majority vote for balcony cladding, soffits and inset walls, and Quartz Grey was the majority vote for balcony and terrace decking. Hills will be informing the planners of these colour selections. Thank you for sharing your preferences. 

We asked residents to vote on their preferred colour of the following materials:

1. The colour of the cement fibre board (Hardie-plank) which will be installed in place of the timber cladding within the recessed balconies and the timber soffits to balconies.

2. The colour of the aluminium “decking” (Rynogroup TerraSmart) which will be installed in place of the timber decking to balconies and terraces across the building.

This vote is just to obtain a majority vote on the colours of the materials being replaced – the copper will be natural bright drawn copper on installation and will then dull down and change colour over time.

The colour choices can be found in the Claremont foyer, which we have attached a photograph of below. Additionally, we also added photographs from September 2009 which was approximately 8 months prior to completion of Claremont Court.

Colour choices in Claremont's foyer

Colour choices in foyer

The below photograph shows the Sheldon Place elevation of Claremont Court at the time the copper was being installed.

Claremont Photo

The next photograph, below, was taken on the same day as the above photograph, and shows the same elevation of Claremont Court in the foreground and the corner of the terrace of houses in Copperfield Mews and the rest of the streetscape forming the south elevation of the development.


The building at completion was already dulling down and was presenting as a tan / mid-brown colour, which can be seen in photograph below. This has subsequently darkened considerably to the dark brown as is seen at present. 

Claremont at completion

Resident meeting - December 2022

Our most recent remediation meeting was on 12 December 2022. All residents received an invite by letter, which also included the remediation plans. The key points of these plans can be found below, as well as the slideshow presented at the meeting. 

Resident meeting slideshow

Below is an extract from the original findings of the EWS1. For each item we have set out how we will remedy the identified issue. We have consulted with our fire strategy consultants and the EWS1 surveyor who will be issuing your certificate at the end of the project, on the specification and they have confirmed they are comfortable with our plan.

We expect to start works on 16 January 2023. It’s likely to take 11 months in total.

EWS report dated February 2020

“The building has the following non-compliances relating to the construction of the external wall system:”


Issue identified

Remediation plan

Combustible insulation has been installed

Removal of combustible insulation not encapsulated by masonry

Plywood has been used as part of copper cladding system

Plywood will be removed, and alternative product /solution used when recladding occurs

Lack of cavity barriers and deficiency in the installation of the cavity barriers

Defective fire barriers will be replaced or fixed in the appropriate position with the correct fixings

Timber cladding installed to the underside of projecting cantilevered balconies


Under current Building Regulations Approved Document – B, combustible insulation is allowed to be installed to buildings under 18.00m in height

Timber cladding will be replaced with cementitious plank material 


1. What sort of netting will the scaffolding be covered with – will this block the views/light?

The scaffold will be wrapped on all elevations above first floor slab level with white, flame-retardant, safety debris netting. This will affect the amount of light in your flat. We apologise if this causes any inconvenience. 

2. How are we being kept safe while works take place? What security measures are involved?

  • CCTV cameras will be installed to all boarded lifts of scaffold to view all four elevations simultaneously. They will be remotely monitored off-site during all hours even when the site is not open, providing full time monitored surveillance.

  • Cameras are usually fitted with movement detectors to alert the control centre but full-time recording can be activated if felt necessary. 

  • The system will include alarms to act as an audible warning for residents (but this can be de-activated by the control centre if requested via THCH project manager if all residents agree.) 

  •  We can also install speaker modules to alert any intruder that they have been identified, their actions recorded and that authorities have been informed. 

  • Any intruder incident will alert the local patrol team who would visit the site to intercept anyone still present and to make the scaffold secure again.

3. How will the building be maintained during works?

We will buy additional matting for the entrance lobby and outside the entrance to help control transfer of dirt. 

4. Will works be noisy?

Naturally, there will be noise and disturbance and unfortunately this is unavoidable. But we'll ensure that you and your home are respected throughout. 

5. What are the working hours?

Working hours will be Monday to Friday 8am-5pm.

Further guidance

• We recommend that residents notify their insurers that works will be starting January 

• Balcony areas will need to be cleared as part of the program and we will liaise directly on timing. Residents should identify any heavy objects that need to be stored when the balcony works are undertaken  

• We will need to undertake a Condition Survey, which involves internal inspections of all flats in January and February to identify 

a) any existing problems with cracking in decorations 

b) problems with windows that are not working appropriately

c) any other building defects i.e., leaks  

Get in touch

We're here to help. If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If you'd like to speak to your neighbourhood officer, just let our customer team know.

  • Call our customer service team on 020 7780 3070
  • Email us at

Residents can also get in touch with Hill's site manager, Adrian Cocosila, for any building safety related queries. He can be contacted via email at or via mobile on 07850 504639.

Laurie Stroud, Claremont Court's project manager, can also be contacted via email at

We're here to help. Get in touch on 020 7780 3070 or