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Our Building Safety Programme prioritises buildings which pose the highest risk. Our high-risk buildings (seven floors or more) have been assessed against a set of robust criteria, and we’ll frequently seek validation of our risk approach from consultants and industry experts to ensure confidence.

By 2025, our programme will achieve at least a B1 rating for our buildings over 18 metres, meaning they are safe, and no remediation work is required. It also provides assurance to mortgage lenders and valuers, making B1 properties a more desirable option for leaseholders looking to sell.  

On this page, you’ll find buildings that have recently undergone works that have brought it’s EWS rating from a B2, to at least a B1. 


Bailey Tower & Harrison House

The new EWS rating for Bailey Tower & Harrison House is A1, following the fire remediation project.

The fire action advice is to evacuate.

Bailey House EWS1

Harrison House EWS1


Claremont Court

The new EWS rating at Claremont Court is B1, following the fire remediation project.

The fire action advice for Claremont Court is to evacuate.

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Project overview for Claremont Court

January 2024

The majority of the works were completed by the end of 2023. We expect practical completion by the end of January 2024, at which point we will provide your new EWS certificate. In the meantime, if you require a Landlord Certificate for your lender, please contact Andrew Holley (Building Safety Manager) via our customer service team. The landlord certificate will provide your lender or any prospective buyer confirmation that you will not be charged for the cost of the remediation. For more information on lenders and mortgages, take a look at the FAQs on our EWS1 page. Thank you for your continued patience.

December 2023

An inspection of Claremont Court took place on 15 December 2023 to ensure we’re ready for completion on 18 December 2023. Minor works to the flower beds will take place early 2024.

Balcony issue

Hill highlighted a non-compliance issue relating to the height of the steel balustrading to private balcony areas on the first to fifth floors of the building. The most appropriate way to resolve this non-compliance is to install a second handrail on top of the existing balustrade to increase the height of the top of the balustrade to achieve compliance. Please find the 'Balcony Care Guidance' document below.  If you would like more information on this, please speak with Hill. However, we can confirm that this will not delay works, and it won’t involve additional costs to residents.


The cladding contractor began works on 14 February.

Our remediation plans include removing combustible insulation that's not encapsulated by masonry on the ground floor and removing plywood (and using an alternative product/solution when recladding occurs). Defective fire barriers will be replaced or fixed in the appropriate position with the correct fixings, and timber cladding will be replaced with cementitious plank material. Other works include the removal of balcony cladding, balcony soffits, glazing the top floor panels, and the balcony’s gulley and rainwater system.

With regards to site set up and scaffolding, the building will be covered by debris netting, security and CCTV systems will be in place along with site supervision and controlled access points to maintain security.

We have:

  • Fire alarms -  alarms have been installed by Hills and have gone live and are fully commissioned. The waking watch was removed on 7 March 2022
  • Fire compartmentalisation - works started in March 2022 and were completed in April 2022. The works were carried out by Hills and were signed off by our fire engineer

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London Fire Bridgate visit, 19 February

On 19 February, the London Fire Bridgade visited to review the new access points & fire hydrant locations following the commencement of recladding works. They were happy with the visit and all new information has been updated on their database. 

General updates/requests

  • A reminder to not enter the building via the scaffolding. By doing this, you are putting yourself and your neighbours at risk. Please be aware that if the scaffolding alarms are triggered, the police will be alerted of activity on the scaffolding.
  • We'd like to remind residents that all balconies should be kept clear, otherwise this will impact cladding works. 
  • Please let us know any updated landlord/letting agent or private tenant as a point of contact throughout this project for regular updates and access requests if or when needed by Hills. 
  • The programme of works has been marginally extended by about three weeks, with expected completion in December 2023. The delay reflects additional work required to balconies and weather proofing. This change means that the date the scaffolding will be removed is changing dependent on progress with stripping the existing cladding off and water proofing. We've added the revised programme of dates within the Key Dates section on this page. 
  • Scaffolding began to be removed September 2023


Hills have been reviewing all the issues raised around leaks at Claremont Court. While there have been previous external water penetration issues at the building, these appear to be mostly related to balcony drainage and cladding detailing. This is supported by the findings in the Michael Dyson report carried out at the end of last year. Hills are incorporating the findings from the report into the new designs for the recladding works, which should resolve these previous issues. 

Regarding the damp / water leaks showing in the internal areas (like communal corridors), Hills are supporting THCH in carrying out detailed investigations in these affected areas to establish the cause(s) of the water damage which appear to reflect on going issues with individual flat showers and shower trays. We hope to soon be able to identify the origins of all of these problems and will look to resolve these matters with the assistance of leaseholders and residents.

From end of July to early August 2023, there are works taking place in communal areas to investigate the plumbing leaks – we hope this work doesn’t cause too much inconvenience to your daily routines. Thank you for your understanding. 

Mansford Street Elevation

Regarding, Mansford Street Elevation, the drilling structure to install carrier brackets and cutting and fitting of steel liner tray is to be complete by early August. The cutting and fitting balcony decking boards, soffit and inset balcony cladding to be complete by end of September. Regarding Copperfield Mews / Courtyard Elevation, the drilling structure to install carrier brackets and cutting and fitting of steel liner tray is to be complete by end of September. Cutting and fitting balcony decking boards, soffit and inset balcony cladding to be complete by early November.

Key dates

  • Start of works: 16 January 2023
  • Duration: 46 calendar weeks
  • Expected completion of works: 27 November 2023
  • Claredale Street Elevation: 22 May 2023
  • Mansford: 14 August 2023
  • Copperfield: 11 September 2023
  • Sheldon: 2 October 2023
  • Resident access switchover: late 2023

As of June 2023, the programme of works has been delayed by around three weeks. The revised dates are available in the below document. 

Claremont-Court-revised dates


Other information for Claremont Court

1. Urang Group

To help improve services, in April 2023, we announced that Urang Group would be the new managing agent for Claremont Court.

All services are delivered by Urang Group. For any queries, please contact Urang's Property Manager, Precious Adkopokodje. The out of hours/emergency contact number is 020 3370 9336.

Contant Urang Group

2. Other information

Resident choice of colour materials

Resident meeting - December 2022

Residents meeting slideshow


Meter readings for Claremont Court

Urang Group are now sharing meter readings with residents via email. We're no longer publishing readings on this page. If you haven't received a meter reading email from Urang Group but would like to, please email reception@urang.co.uk to ensure you're on their mailing list. Thank you. 

August 2022

September 2022

October 2022

November 2022

Please note, there was no meter reading in December 2022. 

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Verdigris Apartments

Works on Verdigris Apartments finished in Spring 2023 and the new EWS1 certificate has been issued.

The fire action advice for Verdigris is to evacuate

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Project overview for Verdigris Apartments

The below is an overview for the updates we provided as the project progressed. 

Following receipt of the government funding in regard to the cladding remedial work, we entered into contract with Axis Europe and work commenced on site in March 2021, with an estimated completion date of December 2022.

While works were initally expected to be completed in December 2022, a number of factors contributed to the extension of the programme to Spring 2023: 

  1. Weather: over December, it was too cold for the silicone sealants and concrete mortar to set (without freezing and losing it bonding), and it's also been too wet, which has prevented the cleaning of the brickwork
  2. Access: staff have had limited access due to train strikes, plus reduced hours and staff over the Christmas period has had an impact
  3. Additional works to Automatic Opening Vents (AOV) to the 6th floor garden: this required design and manufacturing of prefabricated support to allow jointing to cladding system   

Project Timeline

Obtained Grant Approval for Recladding Works January 2021
Obtained Grant Approval for Alarms Works March 2021
Main Recladding Contractor Appointed March 2021
Start Recladding Works (Site Set-up) May 2021
Compartmentalisation Works (by Hills) July - September 2021
Alarms Installation Works (By Hills) July - October 2021
Erect Scaffolding August 2021
Start on Site - Main Works September 2021
Handover December 2022

Project Progress

  • Held ongoing discussions with the original developer, Hill Ltd, about what contribution they will make to the remediation works that are required and waking watch costs incurred.
  • The Construction Programme is available here:   THCH Verdigris Indicative Construction Programme 28.01.2022.pdf [pdf] 704KB

  • Cladding: The demolition elements of the project was completed in December and the recladding work began in January 2022. The anticipated completion date for the works is currently December 2022. (Delayed).

  • A visual diagram of the Cladding Works is now available to view:  Verdigris Cladding Diagram.pdf

  • You will see both consultants and contractors (Axis Europe) working in your block to deliver remediation work. This will include detailed survey work and some potential disruption to access, when and where we will open up various parts of the building / examining the construction behind the cladding and decking etc. This is required is ongoing preparatory work will influence and finalise the detail remedial works required.
  • When site huts and compounds have been installed. This led to the temporary loss of some parking spaces, but we have made alternative arrangements for residents who are affected by this.
  • Additional making good of external areas ie gardens and paving areas subject to review when scaffolding is removed

  • Internal works to install "putty pads" ongoing to a limited number of residents 

  •  Please click here to view a timelapse of completed works.

Other updates provided:

We successfully applied to the Waking Watch Relief Fund for grant funding to cover the costs of fire alarm installation for Verdigris Apartments and the installation of the alarms were completed by RGE in March. Following completion of the alarms system, the Waking Watch was removed on 7 March 2022.

Our contractors completed copper installation on levels 2-8 of the copper tower as works continued on the lower floor. Once scaffold was further dismantled and removed, we will reviewed what repairs would be required to areas that has been damaged/affected by the cladding works, such as garden areas.

The Hardie plank cladding to Nelson Gardens was completed. Our compartmentalisation contractors finalised the works and worked in the service ducts by flat entrance doors.

Our contractors are installed the new decking to the 6th floor garden area. Works progressed well after the reconstruction of the ventilation shaft (AOV) tower. We also looked at removing existing decayed decking on the first floor garden, which is not part of the recladding works. 

Scaffold was removed by March 17 to the upper areas and entrance is expected to be complete. The compound was removed over night on the 28/29 of March.

Other information for Verdigris Apartments

1. Urang Group

To help improve services, in April 2023, we announced that Urang Group would be the new managing agent for Verdigris Apartments and Nelson Gardens.

All services are delivered by Urang Group. For any queries, please contact Urang's Property Manager, Precious Adkopokodje. The out of hours/emergency contact number is 020 3370 9336.

Contact Urang Group

Leaseholder responsibilites 

As a leaseholder, there are responsibilities you have to help keep your home safe and in good condition. You can find more information about these responsibilities on our website, alternatively, you can get in touch with Urang Group who will be happy to help.  


2. Service charge review

Following your feedback, we have completed a review of the last ten years of service charges for Verdigris Apartments.

A lot has changed over ten years and your services may reflect this.

Service charge review


3. Weekly cleaning schedule

Weekly cleaning schedule

Charles Dickens House

Following a PAS 9980 Assessment, Charles Dickens House received a B1 rating in April 2023.

The Fire action advice for Charles Dickens House is to Stay Put. 

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Project overview for Charles Dickens House

Your safety is our priority. To date, we have:

  • Upgraded all home and communal area fire doors
  • Completed firestopping throughout the building
  • Provided Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) for all homes and communal areas 
  • Completed all repairs to a satisfactory certificate standard
  • Carried out internal and external structure reports, with a low risk assessment result
  • Removed the cladding around the bin store to reduce any risk of a fire

Other information for Charles Dickens House

2022 monthly updates

We're no longer providing monthly updates on Charles Dickens House. Please see November's update for more information on this. 

November's update

September's update

August's update

July's update

June's update

May's update

Other B1 buildings

Earl Attlee Court

4 April update: new B1 EWS1 pack available 

Following the recent external wall remediation works, we’re pleased to share that we have achieved an External Wall System Fire Review Certificate (EWS1) B1 rating for Earl Attlee Court.

This means that fire risk is sufficiently low, and no external remedial works are required.

The new EWS1 is available to download from our website: www.thch.org.uk/ews1

The EWS1 is a set way for a residential building owner to confirm to valuers and lenders that an external wall system and balconies has been assessed by a suitable expert. The B1 rating can provide lenders with confidence that they can lend against the property.

The EWS1 form is for the external wall system only and doesn’t mean that other works relating to fire safety in other parts of the building are not required. Considering this, please be aware that our contractor, Bugler, will be carrying out some further investigations to the service risers in some homes. You will be contacted if you will be affected by this.

2 February update: inspections 

On 6 February, Bugler Developments will carry out essential fire stopping inspections to communal areas and individual homes of Earl Attlee Court.

For individual home inspections, residents will be contacted separately regarding allowing access.

The inspections will take place between 9am-1pm and will take approximately 30 minutes per home. It is essential that access is required to carry out these fire stopping, uprating inspections.

Some intrusive works may need to be carried out to check behind the service risers in bathrooms.

During the visit, Bugler will also make note of what works may be required and any obstacles, such as fixture and fittings, that may need to be removed prior to any works taking place. If required, full details of the planned works will be shared.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

15 November update: scaffold removal

Bugler have been carrying out essential fire safety works to the top floor of Earl Attlee Court. The work has taken slightly longer than expected due to design changes to the fireproofing works, as well as the periods of adverse weather. 

This has meant that the scaffolding has stayed up longer than expected, however, Bugler contractors are planning to dismantle the scaffolding on either Friday 17 or Monday 20 November 2023.

20 October 2023 update: Book your fire safety inspection

On behalf of THCH, Bugler, are carrying out essential fire safety checks throughout Earl Attlee Court. As part of this, a safety inspection of your home is required, which should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Safety inspections are taking place between 8am-4pm on the following dates:

• Wednesday 25 October 2023

• Friday 27 October 2023

Please book your inspection at a time that suits you by contacting Bugler via email customercare@bugler.co.uk or calling 01923 777988. Please ensure you include your address if you’re emailing.

The purpose of the inspection is to establish if there is adequate fire stopping around the floor slabs internally above and below your home. Investigations will involve intrusive inspections within the wall structures around these areas.

During the visit, Bugler will make note of what works may be required and any obstacles, such as fixture and fittings, that may need to be removed prior to any works taking place. If required, full details of the planned works will be shared.

Bugler will return for additional inspections in November - you will receive further information about this soon. 

General update

Our developer, Bugler are progressing with works, which we expect to be completed by mid-2024. 

Safety measures for the building include the ‘simultaneous evacuation policy’ to top floor and additional alarms have been installed. 

You will be notified once we have further updates.

Simultaneous evacuation policy
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FRA finder

Barnado Gardens

We’ve completed testing which has resulted in an EWS B1 rating for 37-92 Barnardo Gardens. 

Safety measures for this building include the ‘stay put’ policy, monthly block inspections, and management and servicing of fire safety equipment.

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Cobden House

Cobden House’s B1 rating was issued in April 2023. 

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Hobsons Place 11-46 & 47-66

Hobsons Place B1 rating was issued in April 2023. 

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Repton Street

Repton Street’s B1 rating was issued in April 2023. 

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