Equal Opportunities

THCH is committed to equality of opportunity in the delivery of our services and in the employment of staff. THCH’s organisational policies and practices will reflect the needs and experiences of the community we serve. Adherence to the Equal Opportunities Policy is a condition of service for all staff, contractors, consultants and Board Directors.

THCH will ensure that its commitment to Equal Opportunities is observed in every area of its organisation and operation of its policies and procedures.

This specifically includes the conduct of tendering procedures and selection of contractors.

THCH recognises and acknowledges the responsibilities placed upon it by statute and will observe those responsibilities in an open manner both as an employer and as a provider and manager of services.

THCH is unreservedly opposed to all forms of direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of:

  • Gender
  • Ethnic or National Origin
  • Colour
  • Religious Belief
  • Sexuality
  • Marital Status
  • Disability
  • Age

THCH will monitor its services against such categories and actively work to eliminate and prevent any form of discrimination.

THCH will provide our workforce with the knowledge, skills and commitment to effectively and sensitively serve all members of the community with which it works.

THCH will investigate and respond appropriately to discrimination whenever it occurs in the course of dealing with staff, contractors, consultants, Board Members and residents and will endeavour to rectify the practices and procedures, which have led to the discrimination as quickly as possible.