The governing body of THCH is the Board.

The Board has overall responsibility for the affairs of THCH and directly monitors the company’s financial and development performance.

The Board has a committee structure designed to exercise effective control over THCH’s business. There are 4 Board Committees, detailed below:

  • Audit and Risk
  • Development
  • Nominations and Remuneration
  • Operations

THCH has a profit making subsidiary THCH New Homes that builds homes, including for outright sale.

Following a recent in-depth assessment, we have gained a G1 rating for governance from the Regulator of Social Housing. Our rating dropped to G3 in 2016 and we have worked hard ever since to raise it. At our last assessment in 2018, we reached G2. The G1 rating reflects that we are being governed effectively and that we have a good combination of skills and experience to draw on. We have clear targets, effective controls around risk areas and good checks on value for money. The regulator particularly noted our commitment to fire safety.

Our Chief Executive, Philip Sullivan, said: “We are delighted with this result, which reflects the hard work put in by our board and staff. We would like to thank our partners, in particular the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, whose help has been invaluable during this period of change and transformation.”
“Our priority has always been keeping residents safe. We are focused on this during the current period. Our longer-term strategy means that we will also provide additional much-needed affordable homes in Tower Hamlets.”

Kevin Brady

Board Member

Kevin Brady

Board Member

Kevin Brady is a councillor representing the St Peters ward in Bethnal Green.

Kevin brings a Local Councillor perspective.

Kevin was appointed in September 2019.

Committees: Development Committee