THCH’s Vision and Corporate Objectives

THCH Vision and Corporate Objectives

Tower Hamlets Community Housing is an independent, community focussed housing organisation dedicated to the people of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

We focus on empowering residents, encouraging communities to thrive and delivering sustainable investment to existing and new housing stock.

Our vision is Building Connected Communities by:

  • Creating vibrant places to live in Tower Hamlets
  • Supporting people to achieve their goals
  • Delivering great value services

In March 2019, the Board of THCH agreed the following three new Corporate Objectives:

Providing Great Homes by:

  • Improving the safety of our homes
  • Evidencing value for money
  • Delivering our Development Strategy
  • Modernising existing homes

Delivering Excellent Services by:

  •    Embedding a performance culture
  •    Introducing a range of neighbourhood improvements
  •    Delivering Service Improvement Plans
  •    Introducing a target operating model for service

Valuing Our People by:

  •       Having a significant positive impact in the communities where we operate
  •       Staff using resident feedback to delivery more of what our residents want
  •       Evidencing added value from learning and professional development opportunities
  •       Implementing IT service enhancements

Each year a number of actions are identified that will help ensure that we achieve these Objectives.  The Board of THCH oversees delivery of these actions.