Homes to Buy

Find out about how to buy a THCH property

We have two ways our THCH tenants might be able to buy their homes: either through the Right to Buy scheme or the Right to Acquire.

Not every property we own is available to buy – some like our over 60s homes are excluded from both schemes.

Find out if you can purchase your home under either of our schemes by speaking to your housing officer.

For more information and application forms, please follow visit the UK Government website:


Right to Acquire

If your home was built built or bought by THCH after 31 March 1997 then you may have the right to acquire your home as part of the Right to Acquire scheme run by the UK Government. You can find out more about Right to Acquire on the UK Government website.


Right to Buy

Right to Buy is a Government scheme offering most council tenants, and former council tenants who are now housing association tenants, the chance to buy their home at a discount. you can find out more information on Right to Buy on the UK Government website.

In order to be eligible for Right to Buy, THCH requires you to complete the following documents and e-mail them to


Got a question? You can call us on 020 7780 3070 or