Rent 2023

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Hello, you should have received your new rent and service charge letter for 2023-24.

Your rent is usually based on current inflation; however, this would have meant a 13% increase in your charge. To help support residents during this difficult time, your increase has been capped at 7%, and we will absorb the additional cost ourselves.

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Universal Credit

You’ll need to update your journal on or soon after 3 April (if you pay monthly) or 7 April (if you pay weekly). Don’t do it early or you’ll affect your claim.

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Housing Benefit

We’ve let your local authority know about your new rent, but it's your responsibility to ensure that your benefit calculations reflect this.

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Your new service charge

Your service charge goes directly towards the cost to deliver communal and shared services to your building, and in some cases, surrounding estate. The charge is separate to your rent, which goes towards providing, managing, and maintaining your home.

We do not make a profit from service charges but do charge a management fee for the cost of managing the delivery of these services.

Your letter will include a statement for the services that you pay for. If you’d like to know more detail about what these services are and how they are allocated, visit our Service Charge 2023 page.

Service charges explained

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