Verdigris Apartments

We have received confirmation from MHCLG that we have been successful in our bid for funding for cladding remediation for Verdigris Apartments. Work started on site on 22 March 2021. We have also successfully applied to the Waking Watch Relief Fund for grant funding to cover the costs of fire alarm installation for Verdigris Apartments, and have secured funding. We will be commencing fire alarm installation shortly. We have appointed Axis as the main contractor to deliver the remedial work to the cladding system. Axis have commenced pre contract work in preparation for the main works to commence.

Project Timeline

Obtained Grant Approval for Recladding Works

January 2021

Obtained Grant Approval for Alarms Works

March 2021

Main Recladding Contractor Appointed

March 2021

Start Recladding Works (Site Set-up)

May 2021

Compartmentalisation Works (by Hills)

July - September 2021

Alarms Installation Works (By RGE)

July - October 2021

Erect Scaffolding

August 2021

Start on Site - Main Works

September 2021


October 2022

Project Progress

We have also:

  • Recently tendered for a new fire marshal service, to provide better value for money and a more effective service. We hope to make an appointment shortly, with an expected start date of 2 May 2021. We hope that we will be able to remove this service following the successful installation of the fire alarm system.
  • Held ongoing discussions with the original developer, Hill Ltd, about what contribution they will make to the remediation works that are required and waking watch costs incurred.

What to expect in the coming weeks

  • Work started on 22 March in order to meet the conditions of our Building Safety Fund Grant.
  • The Construction Programme is available here: Indicative Construction Programme 
  • The Compartmentalisation schedule (July-Oct) is now available to view: Compartmentalisation Work Schedule
  • A visual diagram of the Cladding Works is now available to view: Diagram of Cladding Works
  • You will see both consultants and contractors (Axis Europe) working at your block in preparation for the main remediation work. This will include detailed survey work, where we will open up parts of the building and examining the construction behind the cladding. This preparatory work will help us finalise the remedial works required for your block.
  • Site huts have been installed. This is likely to lead to the temporary loss of some parking spaces, but we are making alternative arrangements for residents who are affected by this.


Laurie Stroud

Laurie is a qualified Chartered Surveyor (and former Housing Manager) employed by THCH since October 2019 to assist with the delivery of Recladding Projects. He began working in Housing Management in the mid 1980s and has a wealth of experience in delivering complex building projects, including at Director level.

Laurie's role within THCH is to coordinate the  specialist consultants and obtain the relevant approvals for the delivery of Fire safety works (recladding and Alarms etc) including  obtaining  Grant Funding and managing works on site.

Laurie also has family links to Wapping area dating back to 1854

Laurie can be contacted via e-mail at