How We Work

Our Team

Our Executive Team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of THCH. 

Anita Khan - Chief Executive

Anita Anita joined THCH in January 2022 as Chief Executive. Anita’s experience of working for large and small housing associations means she has a varied experience of housing, prior to working in social housing, Anita worked for smaller community based organisations. Before joining THCH, Anita worked at Settle, in Hertfordshire.




Helen Neal - Executive Director of Resources


Helen joined THCH in April 2020 and is a Finance Director with over 20 years of experience in the sector at a senior level. A qualified accountant, she is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants. Prior to joining THCH Helen was at Worthing Homes on the south coast.




Anna Sargeant - Executive Director of Assets


Anna has worked as a senior leader for several G15 organisations and is passionate about delivering quality services for residents. She has a track record of improving performance and delivering cultural change across teams. Anna has worked in Tower Hamlets previously and is excited to return and work for a community based organisation.



Mandeep Kaur Bhogil - Executive Director of Operations

Mandeep Mandeep joined THCH in March 2022 as Executive Director of Operations. She has over 20 years of experience in our sector has led performance and cultural improvements in service and maintenance delivery. As one of Inside Housing’s Safer Homes Ambassadors, she has held roles with Slough Borough Council, Home Group and West London YMCA. Mandeep holds qualifications with both Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Chartered Institute of Housing.


Our Board

Our Board is made up of residents, local representatives and people recruited for specific specialisms or experience. The Board helps set the strategic direction of the organisation and has overall responsibility for the affairs of THCH and directly monitors the company’s financial and development performance.

The Board has a committee structure to help with the smooth running of THCH’s operations. There are 4 Board Committees:

  • Audit and Risk

  • Development

  • Nominations and Remuneration

  • Operations

These committees support the Board with oversight and scrutiny of all aspects of our operations and delivery.


Our current Board chairs are:

Board – Mark Thrasher - Chair

Board - Faisal Butt - Vice Chair

Audit and Risk Committee – Karanjit Randhawa - Chair

Nominations and Remuneration Committee – Jennifer Simnett - Chair

Development Committee – Charles Moran - Chair

Operations Committee – Carlo Gibbs - Chair

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