Gas Servicing

By law we have to check gas appliances in our rented homes each year to make sure they are safe. To help us do this you must let the engineer from K&T heating in so that they can carry out this check.

The engineer will write to you and let you know when they plan to visit. If its not convenient , you must arrange another appointment. If you keep missing appointments we may have to take legal action against you.

If you are a leaseholder you are responsible for the gas appliances in your home. Our contractor K&T Heating offer a competitive rate for gas servicing.

Please watch this short video explaining what we do in the annual check and why it is needed

Can’t make the allocated appointment? Call K & T Heating as soon as possible on 020 8269 4500.

Any tenant who refuses to allow a gas safety test to be carried out will be subject to legal action from THCH.

Although THCH cannot undertake gas safety checks for leaseholders, K & T Heating will be happy to carry out an Annual Gas Safety Inspection of your gas boiler and heating system for a charge. Leaseholders should contact K & T Heating on 020 8269 4500 or email for this service.

The following options are available:

  • £14.50 per month or £174 per year
  • Labour and parts if your boiler or system breaks down.
  • A replacement boiler if the company decides that it would not be economical to repair your existing boiler.

*All prices are for single wet or warm-air central heating systems.

If you require further information on gas servicing, please call our Repairs & Maintenance Team on 020 7780 3070.