Leaseholder Information

Not sure of your legal rights as a leaseholder?

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) can help you. Click the link here for further details.

Can’t find the answer to your question on their website? Call one of their specialist lawyers on 020 7383 9800 for free legal advice.

Private ownership of flats through the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire schemes has greatly increased the numbers of leaseholders in recent years.

However, the rights and responsibilities of leasehold ownership are often complicated and confusing.

We recommend our leaseholders take full advantage of free legal guidance from LEASE. The service is government funded and can put your mind at ease.


Leaseholder Entitlements and Responsibilities

Normally THCH Right-to- Buy, Right-to-Acquire; or outright sales leases allows properties to be rented out or sublet for less than 12 months.  However the individual lease must be checked and we recommend you seek independent legal advice or contact The Leasehold Advisory Service (Lease).  Leaseholders remain responsible for all covenants in their lease and the behaviour of their tenant, while their property is sublet. THCH recommend that a formal tenancy agreement is in place which matches the terms of the lease.

 If you have a mortgage, you must write to your lender to advise that you  are planning to sublet the property, and that you are responsible for the landlord’s duties under the Gas Safety Regulation 1998 and the provision of an Energy Performance Certificate for the property.

Please be aware that you are responsible for the actions and behaviour of your subtenants. If your subtenant breaks the conditions of your lease, we will hold you responsible and take action against you.

Shared Ownership

A term of this tenure is that the property must be the lessee’s only and principal home. There is no restriction on sub-letting the property as long as the owner remains in residence. If in any doubt the shared owner/lessee should contact THCH for further advice.

Alterations and improvements  

If you want to make alternations or improvements to your home read our guidance leaflet  and complete the application form.

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