Illegally Sub-letting?
Own up, give up or risk prosecution

For this summer only, we’re running an amnesty for people who have been illegally sub-letting their rented THCH home. If you stop and give back the keys, we won’t take you to court.

If you let your rented THCH home to someone else – or hand it over tor ‘key money’ – you’re committing social housing fraud. Its also fraud if:

    • You gave false information when you applied for the property.
      • You claimed succession rights you’re not entitled to, when the tenant died.

    Social housing fraud is now a criminal offence. If you’re caught, you could go to prison for up to two years and face a fine of up to £50,000.

    Its not work the risk. Take advantage of our amnesty and stop now.

    If you think a property is occupied by the wrong people, or being used as an AirBnB or other holiday let, please call us on 020 7780 3070. You don’t need to leave your name.

    Social housing is in short supply and every home we take back can be used to house people in need. This is why we always investigate possible illegal letting. We also make a large number of home visits every year, to check who is residing in the property.

    If you’re a shared owner, your lease does not allow you to sublet either. If you break this condition of your lease, you risk having it forfeited.