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We're a local landlord and we care abour our community. By investing in our neighbourhoods, we create sustainable places people are proud of.

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Ground-breaking fire remediation project completes

After a 10-month fire remediation project, our Claremont Court residents can now move forward into 2024 with confidence, as they have received a new EWS B1 Certificate for their building....

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Reflections from the Future of Building Safety Conference

Our Executive Director of Assets & Investments, Anna Sargeant, recently joined Dame Judith Hackitt for an enriching session focusing on shaping the future of fire safety in social housing. She'...

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New budget-friendly cooking course in Bethnal Green

A 10-week ‘Cooking on a Budget’ course for local residents will start running from 10 January at our Zander Court Club Room in Bethnal Green. ...

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