Securing a spot

We have parking spaces available for our residents and wider community. However, as we're in inner London, there is currently a waiting list. 

You'll need to register online with us to apply for a parking bay, anyone can apply but our residents will have priority. 

Manage your parking

Apply for a Parking Permit

Things to consider

When signing a licence for a parking bay you will be agreeing to pay the weekly charge for the bay and an annual permit charge of £25 for the car park management and administration.

We use virtual permits, which means you do not have a physical permit to display.

All permits are issued by our parking contractor Elite Parking Management.


Parking Charges 


Current Charge Per Week

1st parking space


2nd parking space


Garage – resident


Non- resident parking space

Plus, VAT 20%






Applying for a bay and permit

When applying for a new parking permit, there are three stages that you will need to go through:

1) Apply for a parking bay

  • Complete the application form below. When a space becomes available you will be contacted by the lettings officer using the contact details you have given us.


Parking Space Waiting List

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

We've currently got a waiting list for our spaces, but as soon as one is available in your chosen location, we'll be in touch. If at any time you wish for an update on your application, please contact our customer support team:


2) Provide proof of residence and vehicle ownership

To rent a space we require you to provide the following information when contacted by the lettings officer:

  • Valid MOT certificate
  • Driving licence
  • Up to date insurance
  • Vehicle Ownership Document
  • If you are our resident, you must also have a clear rent account with no outstanding arrears.


3) Receiving your parking permit

  • You will be asked to pay the first month's rent in advance and sign-up for a direct debit for the monthly rent. Elite Parking Management will create a virtual permit. The £25 annual management and administration fee is payable to Elite before they will create your permit.

Renewing your parking


If my current permit has an expiry date or is due to expire, do I need to apply for a new one?

No, you should receive a reminder from Elite Parking Management explaining how to renew your permit and what documents are required. There is a £25 administration fee for the issue of the new annual permit.


What if I change my vehicle?

If you change your vehicle then you will need to provide the documents outlined below to Elite Parking Management, but you will not incur any additional charges for administering this.

  • Vehicle registration (Logbook)
  • MOT
  • Insurance documents
  • If you do not provide the correct information, Elite Parking Management will not be able to process your request.


Can I post the paperwork?

No, please do not send the original paperwork through the post. You can scan the paperwork and email it to:


I owe THCH money – can I still keep my parking space?

If your account is in arrears and there is no arrangement to pay the arrears or you have been served with a Notice to Quit, you will be given seven days to clear the debt from the date of the notice, after which your permit will be revoked.


Methods of Payments

Payments must be made in advance via Direct Debit

Elite Parking Management

Elite Parking Management

We've partnered with Elite Parking Management to manage our car park spaces. You can contact Elite for parking enquiries using the contact details below:

  • General Enquiries: Monday to Friday 9am - 5.30pm call: 01992 764 520 or email:
  • Out of Hours: Weekends/Weekdays after 5:30pm to 9am to ONLY request an alternative parking space if your bay is occupied, please call: 01992 764 520

Please call the out of hours number to update Elite if you change your vehicle or buy a vehicle over a weekend or bank holiday. You must then also contact us at the earliest opportunity and provide all the relevant documents.


Permit Issues

If you experience any issues with applying for a parking permit, renewing a permit or any issues with an existing permit, please email:

Parking Tickets

Any queries about a Parking Charge Notice that has been issued or appeals can be submitted via Elite Website (instructions also provided on the PCN)

or in writing:

Appeals Department, Elite Parking Management,

PO Box 12606
Epping, CM16 9FB


Please contact THCH about the following parking enquiries:

  • Parking Application
  • Change of Vehicle
  • Termination of Space

You are responsible for updating THCH if there is a change in your vehicle details, otherwise you maybe be liable for a Parking Notice Charge.

We're here to help. Get in touch on 020 7780 3070 or