Making a complaint

To help us create places people are proud to call home, we always aim to provide a consistently good, local service that is accessible and easy to use. However, we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong.  

We're committed to being accountable and learning how we can do better by listening to what our residents are telling us, including through the form of complaints. 

There are some things that aren't always considered a complaint. To find out more, read our complaints policy. 

Complaint Resolution Policy - March 2024

The stages of making a complaint

When an expression of dissatisfaction is received, our customer service team will do their best to resolve the concern as soon as they are made aware. If this approach has not reached the desired resolution, or is deemed inappropriate, it will be registered and dealt with as a formal complaint.

Stage 1

We will acknowledge the complaint in writing within five working days and our service leads, with the support of our customer resolution team, will work with the complainant to try and resolve the complaint.

They will provide a full response within 10 working days of the complaint being logged.

In exceptional circumstances we may extend the timescales up to an additional 10 working days, if we do this we will inform you of the reasons why.

Within the response we will include our understanding of the complaint and the desired outcome the resident is seeking.

Where actions are required, we will not wait to carry these out until after the complaint response is sent, we will engage with the resident throughout the process.

Upon a response being sent, the complaint will be closed. The complainant will be notified of how to progress their complaint to Stage 2 if they wish to appeal the outcome.

Where a resident raises additional complaints during the investigation, these will be incorporated into the Stage 1 response if they are related, and the response has not been issued. If they are unrelated or would unreasonably delay the response these will be logged as a new complaint.

Stage 2

If the complainant is unhappy with the outcome from Stage 1, they can ask for their complaint to go to Stage 2.

This review will be led by either a Head of Service or our Customer Resolution Manager.

We will acknowledge the request in writing within five working days.

A full response will be provided within 20 working days of the acknowledgment being sent.

In exceptional circumstances we may extend the timescales up to an additional 20 working days, if we do this, we will inform you of the reasons why.

A resident does not have to explain their reasons for escalating to stage 2, however this information will help us to better provide the outcome a resident is seeking. Regardless, we will make reasonable effort to understand why a resident remains unhappy.

This is our final stage of our complaints process.

Housing Ombudsman

You have the right to access the Housing Ombudsman Service and to engage with the Ombudsman Dispute Support Advisors. 

Get in touch with the Housing Ombudsman

Housing Ombudsman Code - Self Assessment form - December 2023.pdf [pdf] 296KB

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If our service isn’t up to our standard, we recognise the impact on our residents and understand they may be disadvantaged, inconvenienced or at a loss.

We will consider an offer of compensation when an apology alone is not sufficient. We aim to be fair and proportionate in our approach, considering each case on its individual merits whilst promoting consistency and we do so through the use of our compensation guidelines.

Compensation Policy March 2024

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As per our policy, complaints can be reported in different ways by telephone, in person, a letter or digitally. 

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