How we're regulated

We are a registered provider of social housing and are regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing. As a registered provider, we provide the regulator with information including financial and statistical data which gives them assurance of our compliance to standards.

THCH's Executive Team is responsible for managing our regulatory compliance, with the THCH Board and Committees providing oversight and seeking assurance that THCH is fulfilling it's legal and social obligations.

As part of our regulatory framework, we produce ongoing value for money assessments to ensure we are delivering the most efficient and effective services for residents. More information can be found on our Value for Money page.


The Regulator for Social Housing

The Regulator for Social Housing is a government body that sets the standards all registered providers of housing have to meet. Standards cover how the business is run, how we manage risk, and how we maintain financial viability and ensure value for money alongside the services we provide directly to customers.

Our current governance rating is G1, which is the highest level available, and our next in-depth assessment is likely to take place in the next three years. You can read the Regulator's reports on THCH on their website.

We report annually on our financial performance and against our performance targets and the standards set by the Regulator of Social Housing.

You can find all our most recent reports here.


The Housing Ombudsman (England)

The Housing Ombudsman Service is set up by law to look at complaints about the housing organisations that are registered with them.

THCH is registered with the Housing Ombudsman and you can find out how THCH has performed in managing complaints raised on the Housing Ombudsman's website.

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