Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion matters to us

We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and want the organisation to reflect the diverse communities we serve in Tower Hamlets. 

We strive for a culture where the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are visible and actively championed at all levels and where our staff are educated, empowered and confident in modelling inclusive behaviours.

Our priorities are:

  • Attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent

  • Strengthening our leadership, management and talent pipeline

  • Developing an inclusive work environment where everyone is encouraged and supported to realise their full potential

  • Creating a positive impact on our company culture; especially employee engagement and resident satisfaction

  • Reflecting our social purpose as a developer of homes and communities as well as providing high-quality resident services

  • Adopting the recommendations of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets BAME Inequalities Commission to the benefit of our employees; residents and communities.

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