Leasehold Information


Alterations to property

Your lease will stipulate in which cases you are required to get permission from THCH before carrying out alterations to the property

Examples of such work include:

  • replacing windows or external doors
  • installation of central heating
  • removing or building walls or chimney breasts
  • laying a driveway
  • building a conservatory
  • replacement of kitchen or bathroom

As well as getting our permission you may also need to get any relevant building control approval and planning permission.

If you make any improvements or alterations without first obtaining written permission you will be breaking the terms of your lease.

In cases where permission has not been granted or works have not been carried out to suitable standards, THCH have the right to reinstate the property to its original condition at the expense of the leaseholder.

To apply for permission for alterations please complete the attached form:

Alterations application form (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)




Can I sublet my property?

Each lease will outline if a Leaseholder has the right to sublet their property. It will also clarify the requirements on letting THCH know and getting approval.

If you have a Shared Ownership lease your lease has a clause that does NOT allow subletting

Why do I need to request and register a Sublet?

  • Your lease outlines the process for obtaining the necessary permission to sublet
  • It is very important that THCH know who is living in all properties for which they are the landlord
  • When a property is sublet, there are implications in terms of Insurance
  • The process allows THCH to communicate better with customers who do not live in their leasehold property
  • THCH are able to manage Health and Safety, Repairs and other maintenance issues more effectively.

How do I register my sublet?

Leaseholders wanting to sublet should contact us and request a Subletting Request form and Deed of Covenant.

Subletting Form (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

Deed of Covenant

Leaseholders are required to provide a Deed of Covenant between THCH and the tenant to ensure that all lease terms are complied with.


The fee for registering the sublet and for the drafting of the deed of Covenant is currently £125.00 plus Vat.


Completed Subletting Registration Forms should be sent to or Customer Support Team, THCH, 285 Commercial Road, London, E1 2PS


Applications should enclose payment for the Registration Fee and a Deed of Covenant signed by the tenant.



Further notes


  • Breaches of lease by the tenant of the property may result in enforcement action against the leaseholder
  • Leaseholders remain responsible for all payments under the terms of the lease when subletting a property.
  • Health and Safety for landlords is a key issue. Leaseholders should seek independent advice on managing gas safety, electrical appliances, fire protection, etc
  • It is recommended that prospective landlords get appropriate advice on their responsibilities before letting property
  • Leaseholders are required to register every sublet should there be a change of tenant
  • Leaseholders should inform any relevant mortgage lender to ensure that subletting complies with their mortgage terms.
  • If a property is unoccupied for more than 30 days there are insurance implications. Leaseholders should notify THCH in such instances.




The lease will usually determine that THCH, as freeholder, will insure the building structure. Your service charge will include the insurance costs relating to your property. Details of the insurance cover is available on request.

The policy certificate is available here:

Insurance Cover Information 2022-23.pdf [pdf] 429KB

You must let us know if there are any alterations made to your property because this may affect any claim. Please let us know if:

  • you no longer live in the property (subletting requires formal permission)
  • you are carrying out internal alterations (permission required)
  • you have carried out any external additions with permission (eg) Conservatory

Please note that the insurance included with your service charges or without only covers the structure of the building including fixtures and fittings. You must make your own arrangements to protect the contents of your flat and personal possessions.

If you wish to make a claim under the buildings insurance, you should in the first instance contact our insurer JLT at or by telephone on 0345 266 9660.



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