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Our new partnership to help tackle damp and mould

We’ve partnered with energy experts ZapCarbon to help tackle damp and mould.

When we receive a new report of damp and mould, ZapCarbon will visit our resident’s home and carry out a Healthy Homes Inspection. During the inspection, they will:

  • Assess the type of mould in the home and its source
  • Treat and wash the mould to ensure it is safe, until longer-term solutions are in place
  • Offer to install sensors to track the mould
  • Provide general advice and guidance around damp and mould

We will provide any required repairs and ensure any longer-term solutions are considered in our planned investment programme.

We provide, manage, and maintain 2000 social rented homes. Nearly 80% of our homes were built before the year 2000, with 35% of them being built before 1965. Naturally, damp and mould is more likely to occur in older homes as newer builds consider things like ventilation and insulation.

Damp and mould can happen for many reasons, like faults in the home (e.g., not enough ventilation, broken radiators), structural issues (e.g., leaking pipes, blocked gutters), and other contributors like single glazed windows and too much humidity.

We recognise that damp and mould is our responsibility and we’re committed to ensuring our residents are safe in their homes.

We’ve shared some general advice and guidance on managing condensation to prevent mould growth on our dedicated page. But if you’re our resident and are experiencing damp and mould, please get in touch; we can help.

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