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Revolutionising home investment and enhance energy efficiency

We’re proud to announce our latest partnership with Altair, marking a significant step forward in understanding our housing stock and developing a more effective energy strategy.

Through our collaboration with Altair, we have conducted extensive stock condition surveys that have provided us with invaluable data about 98% of our homes. This detailed information ranges from the number of rooms in each home to the frequency and cost of repairs.

This data has been pivotal in formulating a comprehensive 30-year investment plan. The plan is tailored to deliver value for money, focusing on essential replacements and compliance work in our homes, starting with the buildings that require the most repairs.

In addition to structural data, the surveys have shed light on the energy and environmental performance of our homes, using the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). We are delighted to report that 85% of our homes have achieved a SAP rating of C or higher, indicating above-average energy efficiency.

The findings have enabled us to direct our efforts towards the remaining 15% of homes, aiming to boost their energy efficiency and overall performance.

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At THCH, we are committed to investing in our homes and communities. Our partnership with Altair is a testament to this commitment, helping us to build a sustainable and efficient future for all our residents.

You can read more in our new Energy Strategy, which sets out how we’ll actively tackle fuel poverty, futureproof against energy performance decline, and help the UK reach its ambitious 2050 net-zero target.

Energy Efficiency Strategy

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