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Saying goodbye to 'X'

As part of our commitment to maintain open, effective, and respectful interactions, we’ve made an important change in our communication strategy.

We have decided to discontinue our presence on platform 'X' (formerly known as Twitter). This decision was not made lightly but stems from our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and effectiveness of our communication with you.

The environment on 'X' has become more challenging, with an increase in trolling and fake accounts, negative activity, and changes to algorithms that limits our outreach to residents.

Our team has been dedicating significant resources to managing our 'X' account. By reallocating these resources, we can enhance other areas of our service, particularly our customer service centre, which remains a direct and efficient line for your inquiries and needs.

To ensure you continue to receive timely and crucial information from us, we are actively updating our website and have recently introduced a new e-bulletin. This digital newsletter will deliver regular updates and customer service news straight to your inbox. To receive these, just make sure we have your up-to-date contact information.

We value your thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to share your feedback on this change or any other aspect of our services through our customer service centre or website.

We believe this strategic shift aligns with mission to foster a positive and supportive community and maintain effective, and respectful communication.

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