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How our residents have shaped our new strategy

As the famous story goes, in 1961, President John F. Kennedy was touring the NASA headquarters and saw a janitor mopping the floor. He said: “Why are you working so late?” and the janitor replied: “Mr President, I’m putting a man on the moon”.

One leader had a bold idea and lit the collective imagination of a 400,000 person organisation. Even people who were removed from the famous goal felt an incredible connection. Routine tasks suddenly became more meaningful because they had a bigger purpose.

We’re embarking on our next chapter, with a brand-new purpose to Create places people are proud to call home. We’re not putting a man on the moon, but we’re just as ambitious to achieve our goal.

Our residents have played an important role in shaping our future. During our Here to Hear campaign, all staff visited our residents to ask what we’re doing well, and where we could do better. And we’ve listened.

Anita Khan, our CEO said: “We gained a real insight into what our priorities should be to improve our services and deliver better value. After visiting over 300 residents, it was clear there is a strong sense of community. People living in Tower Hamlets are proud; it’s one of the most diverse, energic and fastest growing places in the UK.

“We’re proud to be here too. We’re a local landlord, and we care about our community. We’ll continue to listen and invest where it’s needed most. And our people will play an important role too - we want to inspire them and attract more talented staff to do what’s right for our residents.”

Our resident Mary told us why she's proud to live in Tower Hamlets...

Over the next three years, we’ll:

  • Provide a consistently good, local service
  • Create sustainable places people are proud to call home
  • Trust our people to do the right thing
  • Operate a well-run business that delivers value

Read our 2022-25 corporate strategy [pdf] 4MB

We know there’s much more to a home than just four walls. Beyond our relationships and health, it’s the dearest thing to us all. So, one day, if the new Prime Minister visits us, we can say that we’re creating places people are proud to call home.

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