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Stuttle House

Latest update

The programme of works to Stuttle House is posted below. External scaffolding will go up on Monday, 29 July and will remain in place until the expected completion date in June 2025.

Stuttle House - Construction Programme

United Living information


An EWS1 form rates the external wall system of a building based on risk and combustibility. Find yours below.

Stuttle House EWS1


FRAs ensure our buildings are safe & identify any works that may be required. Find yours below.

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The fire action advice for Stuttle House is to stay put.

For further information on this, visit our fire safety page. 

Fire safety advice

Project phases

To give you an idea on timescales and what to expect with building safety work, we have created this project phase template. This provides a general overview of what to expect when your building is undergoing building safety works. 

Stuttle House is in phase 2. 

Phase 1


Assessment & findings

Timeline (approximately)

Six months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • A reminder to let you know when we are doing your survey
  • A letter shared with you with the findings
  • You’ll have access to any certificates or reports
  • You can ask us questions at any time

Risk mitigation

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment available to residents on our website, with actions followed up in timely manner
  • Monthly health & safety inspections
  • Where required, installation of heat sensor alarm

Phase 2


Programme confirmation

Timeline (approximately)

Three months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • Confirmation letters issued to lenders as required
  • Expected successful remediation outcome, based on current government guidelines (B1)
  • Depending on impact, you may be offered a resident meeting

Risk mitigation

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment available to residents on our website, with actions followed up in timely manner
  • Monthly health & safety inspections
  • Where required, installation of heat sensor alarm

Phase 3


Remedial works begin on site


3-14 months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • Depending on scale of work, we will share monthly or quarterly email updates with you
  • Single point of contact to raise issues (your Neighbourhood Officer)


Risk mitigation

Security measures taken place while on site e.g., CCTV on scaffolding/ secure hoarding

Phase 4


Certification received


  • Summary of project provided on dedicated web page
  • EWS1 B1 certificate issued and stored on our website

Risk mitigation

New FRA / EWS1 issued

Project: what we've done

May 2024 update

Works cannot commence until United Living’s temporary site accommodation (which includes site office, welfare/canteen, drying room and toilets) is set up. As previously notified, a road closure is needed to allow for the site set up. We’ve received confirmation that site set up will be on June 1 2024. During this set up time, United Living will display signage to both ends of the closed section of Buxton Street and barriered in accordance with highway regulations. The junctions between Spital Street & Hunton Street will display the diversionary route signage in accordance with the approved traffic plan, previously provided to the local highways’ authority.

April 2024 update

United Living plan to commence the fire safety works in May 2024. As part of the programmed works, they need to install a temporary canteen, drying room, office and toilets for the work force and site management for the duration of the works.

This will require a lorry fitted with lifting equipment to deliver the containers for lifting into position over the site hoarding. This lorry needs to be set up in Buxton Street E1. Because of the width of the lorry and it's extended outriggers, United Living will need to apply for a road closure for one day. This will be to the section of road to the North Elevation of Stuttle House between Spital Street & Hunton Street. United Living are currently targeting Saturday 1 June 2024 as an install date for the units and the road closure, as Saturdays are less busy.

March 2024 update

Our contractors, United Living, will begin the installation of the new cladding system on 18 March. 

This work will start from 8am, inside the hoarded area on Buxton Street. The work will involve removing the existing render and installing the new fire rated system over a small area as a test, followed by the main works which will follow on. Please observe any demarcation and restricted areas during the works.

There may be some noise and dust generated from these works, however United Living will try to keep this to a minimum.

Site plan proposal 

Please see below our proposed site set up for works commencing in 2024.

Site plan proposal

February 2024 update

Please note, these dates are subject to change. On Monday 19 February, a Portaloo will be arriving on site. On 20 February, our contractors will be removing a few sections of the metal railings along the Buxton Road elevation either side of the bin store area. On 21 February, the hoarding contractor will have Kentledge Blocks & Timber Hoarding arriving, installed and decorated through the remainder of the week. Cabin delivery will be 28 February.

Preparations have begun for our contractor's, United Living, site compound, which will be located at the rear of the building in the paved areas along Buxton Street. This is in preparation for the delivery of United Living’s welfare & storage units, which is expected week commencing 11 March 2024.

These works are expected to include:

  • Setting up site.
  • Removing railings where required in this area and installing a timber hoarding.
  • Erecting scaffolding and a material hoist to enable the works to take place.
  • Removing the current cladding system.
  • Installation of cladding system, to match the overall appearance and colour of the existing building.

January 2024 update

From 5 February, our contractors will begin setting up site at Stuttle House to begin building safety works. These safety works will achieve an EWS B1 rating and improve the overall fire safety of your building.

Following site up, scaffolding will be put up, and a Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) will be appointed by our contractor. The RLO will be able to answer any queries you may have regarding the building safety works throughout the project.

A resident meeting will be held on 30 January to answer any queries. Please keep an eye on your email inbox for your invite. If you have any queries in the meantime, or think you may not have received an email invite, please contact our customer service team. 

Planning and survey updates

  • At the end of October 2023, our contractors began assessing the building to help with the planning and design. 
  • On 14 and 15 December 2023, our contractors carried out ground surveys at Stuttle House.  

Cladding Safety Fund from Homes England

To help with the costs of the works, we have registered for the Cladding Safety Fund from Homes England. We’re required to inform residents of this application in line with Homes England, but there is no action to take regarding this. (Residents were informed via letter in August and November 2023). 

The application reference number is as follows:

  • Stuttle House Building Application no APP2391494
  • The application has been made and was dated 23 August 2023

We're awaiting a response from the Homes England to confirm acceptance onto the Cladding Safety
Scheme. We will provide you with an update once we know more.

You can find more information about the scheme below.

Find out more

General update

The upcoming building safety works, which will be carried out by United Living, are intended to remediate the building to achieve an EWS B1 Rating and improve its overall fire safety. You can find more information about what an EWS B1 rating means on our website: www.thch.org.uk/ews1 - additionally, you can locate your current EWS rating, which is a B2, on this page.

United Living information

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