TV and broadband in your home

TV and broadband in your home

TV and broadband technology is constantly changing and keeping up with the technical demand can be challenging.

We understand that you may wish to have access to a variety of media channels and we know that satellite dishes are an important part of enabling wider choice.

On this page, we’ll explain how our communal aerial system works and how you can get better connections for TV and internet. If you're unsure about anything, get in touch with our customer service team. They'll be happy to help. 

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Our communal aerial system (IRS)

We provide communal, aerial and satellite dish systems on most buildings that contain four or more homes (IRS system).

This is already connected to the TV outlet in your lounge, so you don’t need an individual dish.

Your aerial outlet gives you TV aerial, radio, and Sky connections ready to connect your TV Freeview or sky box.  

For Sky satellite TV, contact Sky for a contract with them, they should provide the box and connect to the outlet.

Please note that in most of our buildings, Sky Q may not be available.


Don't use your own contractors

Do not use your own contractors to carry out dish installations on our blocks. This is because it can cause damage to the buildings or disruption to other flats. It’s also against council planning rules. We appreciate your cooperation on this matter. Please do get in touch if you have any queries. 

Fibre broadband

We understand the importance of being connected and we want all our residents to have access to faster, affordable, and more reliable broadband. We’re working with Community Fibre and Hyperoptic, who are installing super high speed fibre broadband across our buildings.

Should you be interested in faster broadband speeds and better TV, then they are there ready for connection. The fibre cables have been installed into our buildings at no cost to residents. You only pay for connection into your flat if you choose to do so. Contact the providers Community Fibre or Hyperoptic to see availability and options. You can also check your postcode to see availability.


Community Fibre

TV via broadband

Check with your broadband/phone provider for details on Wi-Fi connections. This may require a purchase or subscription via your TV or firestick.

We're here to help. Get in touch on 020 7780 3070 or