Front door replacement programme

Front door replacement programme 

Fire doors act as a barrier to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, allowing people more time to evacuate safely during a fire emergency. They help contain the fire to its area of origin, promoting safety and minimising harm.

If you're a leaseholder and have been contacted about your front door replacement, this page holds helpful information for you, including a list of frequently asked questions, and your front door specifications. 

Please ensure you contact us about what arragements you're making for your replacement, and do feel free to get in touch with any queries. 

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What are fire doors?

Fire doors fulfil a life-saving role in preventing the spread of smoke and fire for a period dependent on their fire classification. Fire doors help keep the levels of smoke and toxic gasses contained within the room of origin and prevent fire from moving into escape routes long enough to allow people to escape and for the fire and rescue services to gain access.

Fire doors will prevent fire moving into escape routes, and from one room to another. Most fire doors, when installed and used properly, will hold back a fire for 30 minutes or more, by which time the Fire & Rescue service would aim to be on site. For this to work, fire doors must be kept closed.

Is it ok to leave fire doors open?

A fire door, in the event of a fire, will only work if the door is closed. Fire doors are often wedged open, perhaps to help with a busy flow of people, or to keep air flowing in hot weather. But whatever the reason, fire doors should not be left open. Wedging open fire doors can, and has, caused fire to spread rapidly, destroying entire buildings and decreasing the time people have to evacuate safely.

If it is necessary to prop or wedge open a fire door for the purpose of moving equipment for a short duration; the prop or wedge must immediately be removed on completion of the task in hand; an open fire door must never be left unattended. Next time you see a fire door wedged open; stop, think, and act. Close the door.

Replacement information

If we've contacted you about replacing your front door, you must ensure your door is replaced with a certified fire door set that can withstand the effects of smoke and heat for 30 minutes (FD30S). As part of the fire standards, it must also have a suitable door closer and be installed by a certified installer. Currently, your fire door does not meet these standards.

We can arrange for your fire door and set to be replaced. You will need to contact us to let us know you would like us to arrange the replacement. Alternatively, you can arrange the replacement yourself, providing the new door set meets the current FD30S standard and you share the certification with us on completion.

Front door specification

Door-sets are to meet the specific requirements set out below: 

  1. The new door must adhere to the Fire Safety Regulations implemented in January 2023, meeting all relevant requirements and tests.
  2. The door set must hold FD30S certification, this includes the door itself, its frame, and all accompanying hardware. These elements must undergo testing together to ensure FD30S performance in the event of a fire.
  3. Each door-set undergoes testing as a fully installed unit, including any fan light above the door, if applicable, ensuring compliance with all necessary standards.
  4. Side frames and top frames, whether glazed or solid, undergo testing as integral parts of the complete assembly. They must meet fire ratings according to either BS476 part 22 1987 or EN1634-1: 2008, tested alongside the door-set for a duration of 30 minutes.
  5. The proportion of glazing within the door should closely match existing standards. If no glazing is present, the proportion should align with the majority of doors within the respective block.
  6. Installation of a fireproof letterbox, with required hoods both externally and internally.
  7. Self-closing mechanisms are mandatory. These units must function without obstruction from surrounding walls. If space constraints exist, slimline closers are necessary.
  8. Application of fire-rated door seals around the frame and at the door's bottom, incorporating smoke and intumescent seals for comprehensive protection.
  9. Each new door must be equipped with three hinges to ensure proper functionality and stability.
  10. Certification from qualified installers, such as BMTrade or Firas is needed. Two certificates are required—one for the door installation and one for the supplier—to attest to their suitability for the task at hand.

Frequently asked questions

Am I safe?

If you've been contacted by us regarding your front door, then your front door and set does not meet the legal requirements to keep everyone safe in the event of a fire.

We do, however, have other measures in place to keep you safe. We are currently carrying out a replacement fire door programme for our tenants. Visit the Fire Safety page for more information. 

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Can I keep my security grilles/gates?

Security grilles/gates are not permitted as they hinder emergency services gaining access to a fire and hinder your escape from a fire. Therefore, security grills/gates will still need to be removed. We recommend having a solid door with a good lock and glazing instead.

Find more information on fire safety and fire doors on our Fire Safety page. 

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Who must replace my front door?

As a leaseholder, you are responsible for replacing your door set as you are the owner of your door. Please refer to the following covenants:
4 (1)  - Repair, maintain, renew, uphold and keep the demised premises and all parts thereof, including, so far as the same form part of or are within the demised premises, all windows glass and doors (including the entrance door to the demised premises) locks, fastenings and hinges, sanitary water, gas and electrical apparatus and walls and ceilings, drains, pipes, wires and cables and all fixtures and additions in good and substantial repair and condition, save as to damage in respect of which the lessors are entitled to claim under any policy of insurance maintained by the lessors in accordance with their covenant in that behalf hereinafter contained except in so far as such policy may have been vitiated by the act or default of the lessee or any person claiming through the lessee or his or their servants agents licences or visitors.
3 (12) – Clause 3.12 To comply in all respects at the lessee’s own cost with the provisions of any statute, statutory instrument rule, order or regulation and of any order direction or requirement made or given by any authority or the appropriate minster or court, so far as the same affect the demised premises (whether the same are to be complied with by the lessors the lessee or the occupier) and forthwith to give notice in writing to the lessors of such order direction or requirement, as aforesaid and to keep the lessors indemnified against all claims and demands and liabilities in respect thereof.

At THCH,  we are responsible for ensuring compliance and safety for all residents of the building. Therefore, we will keep in touch with you regarding this matter to ensure you are following your leaseholder responsibilities.

Does everyone need new fire doors?

No - it depends on factors like the location of the property in relation to exits and landings. For instance, if your home is on the ground floor or if there's no need for others to pass your property during an evacuation, a fire door may not be necessary.

Find more information on fire safety and fire doors on our Fire Safety page. 

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What colour should my new door be?

The colour of your new door should match the colour of the majority colour to your building. Please let us know about the colour of your new door.

Can my new door have a cat flap?

No, unfortunately this could compromise the door performance in case of a fire.

Should I get a new door closer?

Yes, you need a closer so the door can close behind you if you leave your home due to an emergency such as a fire in your flat.

What if I don't change my door?

A front door that complies with the new fire safety regulations is something that both THCH is responsible for as a landlord, and that leaseholders are responsible for. We will look into enforcing the door change if we are unable to reach an agreement with you.

Do I need certification?

Yes, the contractor should give you a certification after the door has been installed that proves your door is a FD30S door that complies with the new fire regulations.

Can I have items like letter boxes?

Items like letter boxes or door knockers will need to be checked with your door provider, whether the specific item  has undergone testing as part of a door set and is compatible with the type of door you're installing. Failure to do so could compromise the performance of your new door in meeting FD30S standards in the event of a fire.

How much will it cost?

The door replacement first requires measurement and inspection. A quote will then be issued after this information has been collected. Until then, we can't provide a cost estimate. 

You have the option to consult with your preferred contractor for a quote, or we can arrange for a qualified contractor to assess your door and provide a quote. No payment will be necessary until you have received and agreed upon the final quote.

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Whether you require us to arrange the replacement of your front door and set, or if you're handling the replacement yourself, please email to let us know as soon as possible what arrangements you're making. Thank you. 

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