Welcome to our B2 buildings page

Welcome to our B2 buildings page

This page is for residents living in a building that has been rated as B2. We’re committed to keeping you safe, which includes keeping you up to date on what’s happening with your building.

Once works have started on your building, you’ll have a dedicated webpage with the latest updates on your building’s safety works. In the meantime, you can find information on your building here. If you cannot find your building here, your building may already have a dedicated webpage, or your building does not require building safety works.

Should you require further information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to help. 

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What is a B2 building?

Your building may be rated ‘B2’ following its EWS1 survey. An EWS1 confirms to valuers and lenders that external wall systems and balconies have been assessed by a suitable expert. A B2 rating means that remedial works and interim measures are required. Visit our EWS1 page for further information. 

EWS1 page

Am I safe in a B2 building?

An EWS1 is a mortgage valuation tool, which may be required when a leaseholder is buying, selling, or re-mortgaging a flat in a multi-storey residential building. While building works will be required, your building will have other safety measures in place to keep you safe in the meantime. Find out more:

Safety measures

Will I get a mortgage from my lender in a B2 building?

Some lenders may not approve a mortgage on a B2, but many do. More recently some of the larger lenders have indicated that they will lend on buildings affected by safety issues before the work is completed. Not approving a mortgage on B2 building is a commercial decision.

What we’re doing to achieve a B1 rating

By 2025, our building safety programme will achieve a B1 rating for our buildings over 18 metres, meaning no remediation work is required. For buildings that require the newly introduced PAS 9980 methodology, we’ll develop a suitable remediation plan to achieve a ‘medium’ or ‘low’ rating (considered an acceptable level of risk) without the need for disruptive of expensive works.

It is not a requirement, nor would it be practical, to remove all flammable materials from our buildings, as the impact on residents would be too significant. This approach is supported by a comprehensive mitigation plan based on our Board’s appetite for risk.

To manage risk and ensure our B2 rated buildings remain safe, we’ll complete monthly health and safety inspections, annual Fire Risk Assessments, and frequently review performance measures

What's PAS 9980?

  • Visit our Fire Safety page

    Find information and advice on fire safety in your home

    Fire safety information

  • EWS1 page

    Find guidance on EWS1 forms

    EWS1 page

  • Fire risk assessments

    Find your FRA on our page

    FRA page

List of B2 buildings

Earl Attlee

15 November update: scaffold removal

Bugler have been carrying out essential fire safety works to the top floor of Earl Attlee Court. The work has taken slightly longer than expected due to design changes to the fireproofing works, as well as the periods of adverse weather. 

This has meant that the scaffolding has stayed up longer than expected, however, Bugler contractors are planning to dismantle the scaffolding on either Friday 17 or Monday 20 November 2023.

20 October 2023 update: Book your fire safety inspection

On behalf of THCH, Bugler, are carrying out essential fire safety checks throughout Earl Attlee Court. As part of this, a safety inspection of your home is required, which should take no longer than 15 minutes.

Safety inspections are taking place between 8am-4pm on the following dates:

• Wednesday 25 October 2023

• Friday 27 October 2023

Please book your inspection at a time that suits you by contacting Bugler via email customercare@bugler.co.uk or calling 01923 777988. Please ensure you include your address if you’re emailing.

The purpose of the inspection is to establish if there is adequate fire stopping around the floor slabs internally above and below your home. Investigations will involve intrusive inspections within the wall structures around these areas.

During the visit, Bugler will make note of what works may be required and any obstacles, such as fixture and fittings, that may need to be removed prior to any works taking place. If required, full details of the planned works will be shared.

Bugler will return for additional inspections in November - you will receive further information about this soon. 

General update

Our developer, Bugler are progressing with works, which we expect to be completed by mid-2024. 

Safety measures for the building include the ‘simultaneous evacuation policy’ to top floor and additional alarms have been installed. 

You will be notified once we have further updates.

Simultaneous evacuation policy
EWS1 finder
FRA finder

Luke House

Remediation works are planned to take place 2024/25, which we expect should produce an EWS B1 rating.

Safety measures for your building include the ‘stay put’ policy, fire doors upgraded throughout block, and fire compartmentation works completed internally.   

You will be notified once we have further updates.

Stay put policy
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