Our Tenancy Sustainment Offer

Sustaining your tenancy

We know that at times, residents may face financial difficulties. With our Tenancy Sustainment Offer, we aim to support our residents financially in a number of ways, like providing money management and budget advice, assisting with applying for benefits, and signposting to specialist support.

Our Tenancy Sustainment Offer is designed to provide support, advice, and guidance to help reduce costs and maximise income; ensuring our residents can financially sustain their tenancies.

On this page, you’ll find out more about what help we can offer as well as how you can get the help you need. And remember, if you need help, you can contact our customer service team.

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Tenancy and financial support

We’re here for you when you need us. We can provide a range of tenancy and financial support including:

  • Telephone support 
  • Benefit checks to maximize income and money saving options for bills 
  • Income, expenditure, and budget advice 
  • Home visits where required and regular reviews  
  • Proactive updates on benefit changes and incentives  
  • Signposting to specialist support where required  

Financial inclusion services

We believe everyone should be treated fairly. Our Financial Inclusion service will assist with more complex issues like: 

  • HB/UC/APA/Non dep payments and deductions 
  • Disability living allowance 
  • DHP applications  
  • Backgated applications 
  • Tribunal attendance  
  • Support residents to apply for welfare benefits 

How to ask for help

It can be scary to admit you need help, but it’s an important step towards dealing with your money worries. There are lots of ways you can reach out to us if you need financial support. Either by phone, email, visiting our office or completing our online form below.

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Resident Emergency Grant

If you’re experiencing extreme financial difficulties, we can provide essential crisis support through our Resident Emergency Grant. To ensure the most in need at times of great difficulty can access support, there are strict eligibility conditions in place.

The grant is to support residents who are either in, or at risk of being, in crisis, and have no immediate source of financial support available to them. To apply, please read the below guidance and fill in the Emergency Grant form.


Who can apply?

The grant will help with unexpected short-term living costs such as a requirement for white goods, (cooker, fridge/freezer), carpets (living room and maximum of two-bedrooms), some furniture, emergency living expenses such as heating/hot water, where no other resource is available.  

We we've identified the following groups of residents as a priority to support:  

  • those experiencing exceptional financial hardship 
  • those experiencing domestic abuse 
  • families with young children 
  • older people 
  • people with longer term illnesses 
  • people with disabilities 
  • people with mental health needs 
  • households with a pregnant person 

Funding is limited to one application per household per year.   

What won't be awarded?

Unfortunately, we can’t award funding for every application. The scheme will not award:   

  • any application made that is felt to be ‘not an immediate need’ or where alternative means of support is available. 
  • applications from those with sufficient income or savings 
  • clothing (except in exceptional circumstances where someone is fleeing their home e.g. flood, fire, domestic violence) 
  • minor structural repairs where these are the responsibility of the landlord or tenant. 
  • specialist disability equipment or adaptations e.g., recliner chairs, wheelchairs, and mobility scooters 
  • personal debts – we will refer to appropriate agencies for support, grant funding. 
  • phone costs or associated expenses 

Apply for Emergency Grant

Application form

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The grant is to support residents who are either in or at risk of being in crisis, need of help and have no immediate source of financial support available to them. Funding is limited to one application per household per year to a maximum of £750.00. The grant will help with short-term living costs such as white goods, (cooker, fridge/freezer), carpets (living room and maximum of 2 bedrooms), some furniture (Please note: We may not be able to support all items required).
Declaration: I declare that the information I have given on this form is correct and complete and THCH may take action against me if I have intentionally supplied false information in order to secure support via this scheme. I understand THCH may share information provided on this form with partner organisations to verify the information provided.

Other help

If there’s something we can’t support you with, we’ll signpost you to somewhere that can. Below are some helpful links to external organisations that can provide different sorts of financial support and advice:

We're here to help. Get in touch on 020 7780 3070 or