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Mellow Babies (parenting programme)

Mellow Babies at Toyhouse

Funded by Tower Hamlets Childen & Family Centres, Mellow Babies is a highly regarded, in-depth parenting programme that is especially designed for vulnerable mothers with babies aged 6 months to 24 months. 

The course will run on Thursdays 9:30-2:30 for 14 sessions (excluding school holidays). An introductory session will be held at Toyhouse on 29 February. See attachements for further details. 

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Anti-racism programme

THT antiracism programme

Tower Hamlets Together have committed to becoming an anti-racist health and care system. Attached are some of the upcoming sessions delivered as part of the programme. Get in touch for further information:

THT antiracism programme

International Women's Week Events in Tower Hamlets

International Women and Girls Week 4-10 March 2024

Tower Hamlets Council with partners is proud to host a week long programme of community sports and physical activities sessions for females aged 5 to 50+ in celebration of International Women’s Week 2024

Programme of activities

International Women’s Day

Register for the community and family day celebrating women and girls excellence

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Creative opportunities for younger people

The following opportunities are through Half Moon Theatre, an organisation local to Tower Hamlets. Based in Limehouse, they give young people from birth to 18 (25 for disabled young people) an opportunity to experience the best in young people’s theatre, both as a participant and as an audience member.

Free after school drama clubs (for young people in years 7-8)

These targeted groups act as an early intervention for vulnerable young people and use drama to build confidence, make friends and creatively engage with their peers. Each term the young people explore topics which are relevant to them and create a sharing which families and friends are invited to watch in an informal setting. The clubs run in the following locations:

  • Monday: Harford Centre, 115 Harford Street, E1 4FG, 4.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Wednesday: Granby Community Centre, 37 St Matthew’s Row, E2 6DT, 4.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Thursday: The Reach Community Centre, 11 Oliphant Street, E14 0GB, 4.30pm – 6.30pm

 If you are interested in getting involved, send the details of the family member to

Free transition programmes

This targeted programme is for children in year 6, who will be moving to secondary school in September 2024. Children will be offered free after school clubs from June 2024, a free summer school and then free after school drama clubs until they are in year 9. Children will engage with critical thinking and decision making through drama.  

Find out more 

Youth Theatre: ages 5 – 18 (25 for SEND)

Half Moon's Youth Theatre groups are perfect for young people who are interested in drama, exploring theatre, and building their skills. Over each 10-week term the groups create a performance for family and friends to watch, whilst building their confidence and engaging with their peers. These take place at the Half Moon, where their weekly sessions and performances at the end of term take place in the theatre. Youth Theatre sessions are £6 and we offer a concessionary rate of £3 per session.To join one of these groups, join the waiting list.

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