Planned home improvements

Planned home improvements

Planned home improvements are where we carry out renewals and refurbishments to your home, to elements such as kitchens, bathrooms, roofs and windows.

These improvements are usually required due to the natural wear and tear of items and because it’s no longer easy or economical to repair or maintain them.

Please note that these works do not replace any smaller repairs needed. If you need to report a repair, please get in touch with our customer service team.

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When are planned improvement works needed?

Our home surveys (also known as stock condition surveys) help us to assess what planned improvement works are required in a resident’s home. Once the survey has been carried out, our property team will assess the condition of the items and refer them for replacement if needed.

As of mid-2023, we’re introducing a policy to carry out our surveys every three years, to help us inform and prioritise our planned investment programme. Visit our Home Surveys page to find out more.

How much is invested into planned improvement works?

For the 2023-24 financial year, we’re planning to invest more than £2m on planned improvement works to improve residents’ homes, plus continued investment to maintain homes to make sure they’re safe and compliant with regulation.

To ensure investment helps deliver value for money, we won’t be prioritising replacing kitchens and bathrooms based solely on age – we will consider condition as an important factor too.

How will I know if you’re planning works on my home?

If we’re planning to carry out work in or around your home, we’ll contact you in advance and let you know our proposal. If you’re a leaseholder we have a legal requirement to consult with you about the extent of the work, the likely cost involved, the proposed contractors, and to answer any queries or concerns you have about the proposed work. 

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Who carries out planned improvement works?

Our current contractor is Axis. They will be used to deliver both our reactive maintenance and our major works programmes.

Do residents get a say in the design and colour?

There is some scope for residents’ input into the design and colour. This can be discussed with the Axis Resident Liaison Officer.

Making your own home improvements

If you’re not due for planned home improvement work, there might be some smaller things you can do to make some home improvements. If you’re a leaseholder, there are bound to be things you want to change to make your house a home. But before you get out the hammer and nails, there are certain things you need permission to do. Make sure to visit our Leaseholders page for more information on this.

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