Actuals 2021-22

Your actual service charge

Hello, you should have received your service charge actuals for 2022-23. As a leaseholder, you pay a variable service charge, which means you only pay for the services you use.

We do not make a profit from our service charges. Your 2022-23 actual is directly linked to the costs we’ve experienced from our suppliers and contractors.

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Your personal statement

Your letter will include three statements from us. The first statement is personal to you – it’s the charge for your home only. If the number in the variance column has ‘–‘ before it, it’s the extra amount you will be charged. If it hasn’t, it’s the amount we’ll credit back to you as a refund.

Your building's statements

You’ll have two statements that relate to your building. The first statement details the total charge per service for your whole building. The charge per home is divided by all residents. The second statement details our income, through estimates, and our actual expenditure for the whole building. The statement will show the cost divided by leaseholders and shared owners only.

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Potential increases

Every year, we write to you with an estimate of how much we think it will cost to deliver services to your building. As we don’t know all the costs in advance, we look at what services are provided and charge you only for the services that benefit you.

Our estimates are based on how much the service cost from the previous year, plus any inflation and administration. We make every effort to deliver value for money on our services and keep your charges as affordable as possible.

As you pay a variable charge, it means you only pay for what you use. This means that some of your charges may be lower or higher than we originally thought. As we do not make a profit, your actual charges are based directly on any lower or higher costs we’ve experienced too.

For more information about each service and what’s included in the cost, please visit our service charge page.

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