We’ll be posting the latest updates for Peter & Painter residents here, so please bookmark this page to stay up-to-date on our building safety works.

Peter House and Painter House

Latest update 

Hill will soon be commencing the fire remedial works to the communal walkways and need to remove the lights outside each home. To ensure this work is done safely, our electrician will need to access each home to isolate the light supply internally before removing the external light. The work is scheduled to begin on Thursday, June 13, 2024. To arrange a convenient time for the electrician to visit your home, please contact our site manager, Adrian Cocosila, at your earliest convenience. You can reach Adrian via email at adriancocosila@hill.co.uk or by phone at 07850 504639. He is available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Items from balconies or communal areas should have been removed by 6 June 2024. Please find the daily schedule for balcony areas below. 

Hill is currently drafting the programme of works. Once completed, it will be shared on this website.

Balcony work schedule


An EWS1 form rates the external wall system of a building based on risk and combustibility. Find yours below. 

Peter & Painter EWS1

Fire Risk Assessment

FRAs ensure our buildings are safe & identify any works that may be required. Find yours below.

FRA media browser

The fire action advice for Peter & Painter is to evacuate

For further information on this, visit our fire safety page. 

Fire safety advice 

Project phases

To give you an idea on timescales and what to expect with building safety work, we have created this project phase template. This provides a general overview of what to expect when your building is undergoing building safety works. 

Peter and Painter is in phase 2. 

Phase 1


Assessment & findings

Timeline (approximately)

Six months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • A reminder to let you know when we are doing your survey
  • A letter shared with you with the findings
  • You’ll have access to any certificates or reports
  • You can ask us questions at any time

Risk mitigation

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment available to residents on our website, with actions followed up in timely manner
  • Monthly health & safety inspections
  • Where required, installation of heat sensor alarm

Phase 2


Programme confirmation

Timeline (approximately)

Three months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • Confirmation letters issued to lenders as required
  • Expected successful remediation outcome, based on current government guidelines (B1)
  • Depending on impact, you may be offered a resident meeting

Risk mitigation

  • Annual Fire Risk Assessment available to residents on our website, with actions followed up in timely manner
  • Monthly health & safety inspections
  • Where required, installation of heat sensor alarm

Phase 3


Remedial works begin on site


3-14 months


  • Dedicated web page to store information and updates
  • Depending on scale of work, we will share monthly or quarterly email updates with you
  • Single point of contact to raise issues (your Neighbourhood Officer)


Risk mitigation

Security measures taken place while on site e.g., CCTV on scaffolding/ secure hoarding

Phase 4


Certification received


  • Summary of project provided on dedicated web page
  • EWS1 B1 certificate issued and stored on our website

Risk mitigation

New FRA / EWS1 issued

Project: what we've done

May 2024 update

  1. Following the installation of the security alarm on the first scaffolding lift, Hill have now also installed CCTV as an additional safety measure. The alarm is triggered by movement on the scaffold. When triggered, the three site managers will be contacted and they will check the CCTV for any intruders and act accordingly. If no movement is detected after one minute the alarm will stop sounding. We ask first floor residents to be mindful of this, especially around balcony areas.
  2. On 20 May 2024, Hill began removing the communal walkway lights to facilitate the stripping of the existing soffit boards. Additionally, Hill need to remove and isolate the lights installed on the rendered wall next to each front entrance door to proceed with stripping off the existing rendering. Access to each flat is necessary to isolate the external light from the light switch. Hill’s electrical contractor will knock on doors to request access. If the resident is available, Hill will seek permission to isolate the lights. For flats where access cannot be obtained, Hill will arrange a future appointment with the residents. It is essential to gain access to all flats to complete the works on schedule.
  3.  Residents who have not yet had their internal property surveys should book an appointment with Hill. This survey is crucial in the event of any damage occurring during the works, as Hill may not accept responsibility unless the damage can be validated. Appointments can be booked by emailing adriancocosila@hill.co.uk or calling 07850 504639.

March 2024 update

Beginning April 2, 2024, scaffolding will start to be put up on the front elevation of the building. We expect this to take around five weeks. Once the initial scaffold lift is in place, it will be alarmed for security purposes.

Sections of the external panelling may need to be removed to help fix the scaffolding to the building.

Works begin update

On 15 January 2024, Hill will begin setting up site for works. Works are expected to take around 48 weeks. Once completed, we will issue the updated EWS certificate.

In the meantime, we can provide Landlord Certificates upon request. Just contact our customer service team. The Landlord Certificate will provide your lender or any prospective buyer confirmation that you will not be charged for the cost of the remediation. For more information on lenders and mortgages, take a look at the FAQs on our EWS1 page. 

The presentation from the latest resident meeting is available below.  

Resident meeting presentation


December 2023 - January 2024 update

  • When works begin, Hill contractors will be working on site Monday to Friday from 8-5pm. The works may be noisy, and we do apologise if this causes any inconvenience, Hill will aim to keep noise disruption to a minimum.
  • Hill do not plan to carry out works over weekends, however, if they do see a need to, they will consult with residents in advance.
  • Please note that the rear of the building will be out of use throughout the project, however, we will ensure safe access to bin storage and cycle storage. 
  • The fire engineer has assessed the risk of the rubber floor covering as lower risk and does not recommend replacing it, but considering residents concerns, we will review this throughout November-December 2023. 
  • We are not expecting a full planning process as the material replacing the HPL will look the same as the replacement ‘Rockwall panel’, so therefore we won’t consult with residents on appearance.


Modular buildings 2023

We’re aware of reports concerning fire safety in modular buildings. While Peter and Painter is a modular building, we have appointed independent fire engineers to design a remediation strategy that is tailored to the modular structure of Peter and Painter house. Other safety measures in place include fire stopping around doors and in cupboards and installing heat sensor alarms. The fire brigade also carries out regular checks of Peter and Painter house.

To date, we have:

  • Completed the installation of a fire alarms which will service the communal areas and the individual dwellings in Peter and Painter House. This went live in March and the Waking Watch was removed on 2 March 2022.   
  • We have completed an EWS-1 survey which is available on this page.
  • Surveys and structural appraisals of the buildings have been completed 
  • We continue with ongoing discussions with the original developer, Hill, about
    • The method and scale of remediation
    • What contribution they will make to the remediation works
    • Contributions to Waking watch costs incurred

Works to improve compartmentalisation protection in communal areas i.e. Fire Doors etc were completed in March 2022 and any additional works will be scoped as part of the wider review of the cladding

Fire Alarm Project Timeline 

Section 20 Consultation Process 16 April 2021
Appointment of Principal Contractor n/a Works at Hills cost 
Start on site January 2022 
Commissioning 2 March 2022


Other information

Resident meeting notes

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