Peter House and Painter House

Project Progress

In the meantime, we have also:

  • THCH have approved a licence agreement for Hills Group to commence with the installation of a fire alarms which will service the communal areas and the individual dwellings in Peter and Painter House. Unfortunately THCH do not currently have a date for the commencement and duration of the proposed works, but will provide further information in advance of any works.
  • THCH commissioned an EWS-1 survey and expect a report to be completed and submitted shortly. As soon as this information is available, THCH will provide residents with a copy of the report on request.
  • THCH have appointed Ridge consultancy to carry out investigative surveys and structural appraisals of the buildings. In the event that the cladding is deemed to be non-compliant, the survey and appraisal data will inform the design of replacement cladding and associated works in order to achieve compliance.
  • The new fire marshal service began operating in May.
  • Held ongoing discussions with the original developer, Hill Ltd, about what contribution they will make to the remediation works that are required and waking watch costs incurred.
  • Recently appointed FMB Architects to develop the designs and specification for the proposed remedial work.

When it announced the Building Safety Fund and Waking Watch Fund, the Government set a minimum height requirement of 18m to qualify for funding. Because of this your building is not eligible for relief from the Building Safety Fund or Waking Watch Fund. We share your frustration about this, and appreciate the uncertainty that it will be causing. The Government has indicated that it intends to set up a loan fund for leaseholders living in buildings affected by cladding, but which do not meet the 18m threshold. Once more information is published, we will share this with you.

Our aim is to minimise any costs that are passed on to leaseholders, but inevitably there will be some if the Government does not reverse its position. We are having ongoing discussions with the original developer, Hill Ltd, about what contribution they will make to the remediation works that are required.

Exploratory Surveys (15th - 17th September)

Please be advised that as part of the design proposals for the cladding at Peter and Painter House, consultants appointed by THCH will be carrying out exploratory surveys on the buildings from Wednesday 15th until Friday 17th September.

These surveys will consist of opening up (and then reinstatement) of specified sections of the building façade. This is a crucial piece of the project that will help inform their work moving forward. During this time, temporary access towers will be erected to provide safe access.

Every effort will be taken to minimise disruption to residents during these surveys and THCH would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your cooperation during these surveys.

Project Timeline
Fire Alarm Project Timeline 

Section 20 Consultation Process

16th April 2021

Appointment of Principal Contractor

 14th May 2021

Start on site

August 2021 (Date TBC)


26th September 2021

Fire Safety Works and Cladding Renewal Timeline

Surveys and Investigations

June - September 2021

Development of Design Proposals

 September - October 2021

Planning Approval

October - December 2021

Commencement of Works

March 2022

Please note that these dates are indicative at this stage. THCH will continue to update resid4ents accordingly.

Rob Davis

Rob Davis  is THCH's project manager leading on the Peter House and Painter House fire safety cladding remediation project.

"I joined THCH on a temporary basis in June 2021 and was assigned as lead Project Manager for Peter and Painter House.  I look forward to using my extensive experience and broad knowledge in surveying and project management to help progress this important project in the coming months.”

Rob can be contacted via email on