Resident Consultation

Resident consultation summary

Residents have had a significant voice in the decision-making process about the merger, with your views considered by both Boards alongside due diligence procedures and a strong business case.

Resident feedback for both organisations has been positive overall.

Poplar HARCA results

Poplar HARCA resident feedback was overall positive about the proposal.

Positive responses: 60%

Neutral responses: 14%

Negative responses: 26% 

Total number resident surveys: 786

% of Poplar HARCA residents who returned the survey: 8% 


General themes:

  • Affect upon Poplar HARCA’s finances
  • Ensuring existing services were not adversely affected
  • Whether rent and service charges would be affected
  • Whether there would be staff redundancies
  • Whether senior THCH staff would be replacing Poplar HARCA staff
  • Whether regeneration schemes would be delayed.

THCH results

Our survey responses were analysed by our Resident Voice Panel before being presented to our Board to inform its final decision.

Positive responses: 48.4%

Neutral responses: 13.1%

Negative responses: 38.5% 

Total number resident surveys: 312

% of THCH residents who returned the survey: 10% 


General themes:

  • Opportunity for service improvements
  • Opportunity for more investment into existing homes and neighbourhoods
  • Concern with Poplar HARCA’s performance
  • Impact on service charges
  • Lack of information
  • Loss of local service
  • Leasehold management
  • A desire to merge with LBTH


Some THCH residents submitted petitions expressing concern about the proposal, with an ask to be brought back under local authority control. We responded to the petitions and guided residents towards the official feedback channel, - ensuring fairness and transparency in the consultation process.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets has publicly confirmed it will not explore the possibility of buying back THCH stock, in a statement on its website.

Read the LBTH statement

Consultation methodology

  • 12-week online survey promoted by postcard (THCH), letter (Poplar HARCA), on social media, text message (THCH) and e-newsletters
  • Face-to-face surveys of known residents less likely or unlikely to use digital means (Poplar HARCA)
  • Discussion with involved resident groups including THCH’s Resident Voice Panel and HARCA’s Estate Boards, Gathering Groups, Area Board, Joint Estate Panel and Youth Empowerment Board.

Qualitative feedback

Responses to resident questions and concerns raised via the survey consultation were published on THCH and Poplar HARCA websites



Next steps

Building on our history of involving residents with our strategic direction and decisions, a core aim for the merged organisation will be to ensure residents have a stronger voice to influence what we do.

We'll use the feedback gathered through the surbeys and ongoing conversations with residents to inform a post-merger engagement strategy and priorities for improvements.

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